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  1. Africa - Algeria (Chapter)

    Africa - Algeria (Chapter)

    , Algiers, where modern, traditional and colonial Algeria meet maps strike out into the dunes of the Grand... 13th Edition, Oct 2013. 14 pages.


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  2. Africa - Mauritania (Chapter)

    Africa - Mauritania (Chapter)

    scenery. The Adrar and Tagânt regions hide ancient caravan towns behind epic sand dunes. On the coast... the magic of the Sahara and sleep beneath the star-studded skies at the saffron dunes in the Adrar transport... 13th Edition, Oct 2013. 17 pages.


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  3. Africa - <strong>Morocco</strong> (Chapter)

    Africa - Morocco (Chapter)

    , Marrakesh, High Atlas Mountains, Aït Benhaddou, Drâa Valley and Merzouga & the Dunes.... This is the Morocco chapter from Lonely Planet’s Africa guidebook. Morocco feels like another world... spectacle of Morocco’s most dynamic city, Marrakesh maps lose yourself in the exotic charms of a medieval... 13th Edition, Oct 2013. 40 pages.


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  4. Africa - Namibia (Chapter)

    Africa - Namibia (Chapter)

    This is the Namibia chapter from Lonely Planet’s Africa guidebook. A trip through Namibia is a great road adventure. Natural wonders such as the Fish River Canyon and Etosha National Park enthral, sand dunes in the Namib desert meet the crashing rollers along the Atlantic Coast, and among... 13th Edition, Oct 2013. 33 pages.


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  5. Africa - Sudan (Chapter)

    Africa - Sudan (Chapter)

    are enveloped in sand dunes maps follow the sluggish Nile through searing desert past beautiful old ruins... 13th Edition, Oct 2013. 21 pages.


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  6. Africa travel guide

    Africa travel guide

    , Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea... 13th Edition, Oct 2013. 1128 pages. 32 colour pages. Also available in digital formats


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  7. Africa - Tunisia (Chapter)

    Africa - Tunisia (Chapter)

    hinterland, Saharan dunes and mountain oases can be experienced in a few days. kick back in gorgeous... 13th Edition, Oct 2013. 34 pages.


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  8. A Moveable Feast

    A Moveable Feast

    Life-changing food adventures around the world. From bat on the island of Fais to chicken on a Russian train to barbecue in the American heartland, from mutton in Mongolia to couscous in Morocco to tacos in Tijuana - on the road, food nourishes us not only physically, but intellectually, emotionally... 1st Edition, Sep 2010. 296 pages.


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  9. Australia - Adelaide & South Australia (Chapter)

    Australia - Adelaide & South Australia (Chapter)

    way through McLaren Vale wine region transport trundle past pelicans, dunes and lagoons in Coorong... 17th Edition, Oct 2013. 97 pages.


    USD$4.95 SAVE $1.49

  10. Botswana & Namibia - Namibia (Chapter)

    Botswana & Namibia - Namibia (Chapter)

    Namibia posesses some of the most stunning landscapes in Africa where sand dunes in the world... guidebook.Namibia posesses some of the most stunning landscapes in Africa where sand dunes in the world... of Etosha National Park. gaze at the ever-changing colours of the hulking dunes of Sossusvlei maps explore... 3rd Edition, May 2013. 158 pages.


    USD$4.95 SAVE $1.49

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