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2 results for "merv^2 or Turkmenistan"

  1. Central Asia travel guide

    Central Asia travel guide

    , Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Understand and Survival chapters... 6th Edition, Apr 2014. 520 pages. 64 colour pages. 68 maps. Also available in digital formats



  2. Central Asia - <strong>Turkmenistan</strong> (Chapter)

    Central Asia - Turkmenistan (Chapter)

    This is the Turkmenistan chapter from Lonely Planet’s Central Asia guidebook. The most mysterious... . The cities of Merv and Konye-Urgench inspire visions of caravans plodding along the Silk Road, while... Ata Underground Lake, Gozli Ata & Yangykala Canyon, Mary, Merv, Gonur, Turkmenabat, Konye... 6th Edition, Apr 2014. 37 pages.



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