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  1. The Solo Travel Handbook

    The Solo Travel Handbook

    also rank the best destinations for road-tripping, food, nightlife, culture, island escapes and more... 1st Edition, Dec 2017. 168 pages. 168 colour pages.


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  2. Antarctica - Antarctic Peninsula (PDF Chapter)

    Antarctica - Antarctic Peninsula (PDF Chapter)

    on Paulet Island transport knock back a throat-burning pepper vodka at the convivial bar of the Ukrainian... , Charlotte Bay, Cuverville Island, Danco Island, Rongé Island, Neko Harbor, Useful Island, Waterboat Point, Paradise Harbor, Port Lockroy, Anvers Island, Melchior Islands, Booth Island, Lemaire Channel, Pléneau... 6th Edition, Nov 2017. 18 pages.


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  3. Antarctica - Ross Sea (PDF Chapter)

    Antarctica - Ross Sea (PDF Chapter)

    , Terra Nova Bay, Drygalski Ice Tongue, Franklin Island, Norden-skjöld Ice Tongue, Dry Valleys, Ross Island, Ross Ice Shelf.... 6th Edition, Nov 2017. 18 pages.


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  4. Antarctica - Southern Ocean (PDF Chapter)

    Antarctica - Southern Ocean (PDF Chapter)

    Deception Island’s giant chinstrap rookery maps view rare nesting albatross at Prion Island transport ring... Falkland, Antarctic Convergence, South Georgia, South Orkney Islands, Laurie Island, Signy Island, South Shetland Islands, Elephant Island, King George Island, Penguin Island, Nelson Island, Greenwich Island... 6th Edition, Nov 2017. 41 pages.


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  5. Antarctica travel guide

    Antarctica travel guide

    Shelf, Lemaire Channel, Deception Island, Cuverville Island, Cape Royds, Cape Denison, Cape Evans, Port... 6th Edition, Nov 2017. 224 pages. 224 colour pages. 57 maps. Also available in digital formats



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  6. Africa - Cabo Verde (PDF Chapter)

    Africa - Cabo Verde (PDF Chapter)

    This is the Cabo Verde chapter from Lonely Planet’s Africa guidebook. This stunning island chain has a captivating blend of mountains, beaches and peaceful seaside villages. Throw in the constant... the misty pine-clad ridges, canyons and valleys of Santo Antão, Cabo Verde’s most spectacular island maps... 14th edition, Oct 2017. 15 pages.


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  7. Africa - Equatorial Guinea (PDF Chapter)

    Africa - Equatorial Guinea (PDF Chapter)

    ’s beautiful black-and-white shores. go wide-eyed over Bioko Island’s strange combination of little villages... Park restaurants & accommodation Coverage includes: Bioko Island, Malabo, Ureca, Rio Muni, Bata, Rio... 14th edition, Oct 2017. 16 pages.


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  8. Africa - Guinea-Bissau (PDF Chapter)

    Africa - Guinea-Bissau (PDF Chapter)

    walk from your island getaway on Ilha de Bubaque transport tango in cobbled streets by candlelight... 14th edition, Oct 2017. 12 pages.


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  9. Africa - Madagascar (PDF Chapter)

    Africa - Madagascar (PDF Chapter)

    This is the Madagascar chapter from Lonely Planet’s Africa guidebook. Lemurs, baobabs, rainforest, beaches, trekking and diving: Madagascar is a dream destination for lovers of nature and the outdoors. The world’s fourth-largest island is also a relatively easy destination: hassle-free, with good tourism... 14th edition, Oct 2017. 27 pages.


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  10. Africa - Malawi (PDF Chapter)

    Africa - Malawi (PDF Chapter)

    -green Lake Malawi from ultra-chilled Cape Maclear to Mumbo Island maps search for reintroduced lions... , Nyika National Park, Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve, Mzuzu, Nkhata Bay, Likoma Island, Central Malawi... 14th edition, Oct 2017. 26 pages.


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