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  1. <strong>Kyoto</strong> - Kitayama & Greater <strong>Kyoto</strong> (Chapter)

    Kyoto - Kitayama & Greater Kyoto (Chapter)

    This is the Kitayama Area & Greater Kyoto chapter from Lonely Planet's Kyoto guidebook. For great... Top Five, Explore: Kitayama Area & Greater Kyoto, Local Life, Getting There & Away, Sights, Ōhara, Kurama & Kibune, Southeast Kyoto, Fushimi, Uji, Southwest Kyoto and Takao Area.... 5th Edition, Jan 2012. 39 pages.


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  2. <strong>Kyoto</strong> - <strong>Kyoto</strong> Station (Chapter)

    Kyoto - Kyoto Station (Chapter)

    This is the Kyoto Station Area chapter from Lonely Planet's Kyoto guidebook. Dominated by the eponymous Kyoto Station, this neighbourhood serves as the gateway to Kyoto. Apart from the impressive... halls and their glittering interiors at Higashi Hongan-ji maps climb to the roof of the Kyoto... 5th Edition, Jan 2012. 15 pages.


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  3. <strong>Kyoto</strong> - Northern Higashiyama (Chapter)

    Kyoto - Northern Higashiyama (Chapter)

    Stretching from Nanzen-ji in the south to Ginkaku-ji in the north, this area is thick with first-rate attractions and soothing greenery. This is the Northern Higashiyama chapter from Lonely Planet's Kyoto... in the woods maps take the bamboo-lined path to see Ginkaku-ji, Kyoto's famed Silver Pavilion transport... 5th Edition, Jan 2012. 21 pages.


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  4. <strong>Kyoto</strong> - Planning (Chapter)

    Kyoto - Planning (Chapter)

    This chapter contains the Welcome to Kyoto, Kyoto's Top 10, What's New, Need to Know, Top... Planet's Kyoto guidebook. Your journey to Kyoto starts here. You'll find the tools to plan your adventure... and the best places to encounter Kyoto's ancient cultural traditions. lists of highlights and best experiences... 5th Edition, Jan 2012. 51 pages.


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  5. <strong>Kyoto</strong> - Southern Higashiyama (Chapter)

    Kyoto - Southern Higashiyama (Chapter)

    Southern Higashiyama is the richest area in Kyoto for sightseeing, thick with temples, shrines... Lonely Planet's Kyoto guidebook. Southern Higashiyama is the richest area in Kyoto for sightseeing, thick... entertainment district, as well as some of the city's finest ryokan (Japanese inns). climb to one of Kyoto... 5th Edition, Jan 2012. 22 pages.


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  6. <strong>Kyoto</strong> - Understand & Survival (Chapter)

    Kyoto - Understand & Survival (Chapter)

    transport, money, the internet...you name it. This chapter contains the Understand Kyoto, Kyoto Today... -Z and Language chapters from Lonely Planet's Kyoto guidebook. All the info you need on everything from history... on history, people and culture info on Kyoto's famous geisha scene details on the city's exquisite... 5th Edition, Jan 2012. 59 pages.


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  7. Japanese Phrasebook and Audio CD

    Japanese Phrasebook and Audio CD

    Read, listen to and practise Japanese with our comprehensive phrasebook and CD pack. Our best-selling Japanese phrasebook gives you: fast access to all the travel phrases you need a 3500-wo... 2nd Edition, Sep 2012. 272 pages.


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  8. Pocket Tokyo

    Pocket Tokyo

    Tokyo is a city forever reaching into the future, resulting in sci-fi streetscapes of crackling neon and soaring towers. Yet it is also a city steeped in history, where you can find traces o... 4th Edition, Sep 2013. 208 pages.


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  9. Adventures in Busy Places

    Adventures in Busy Places

    , and a bustling subway in Tokyo, Japan! Decorate real life locations, like Buckingham Palace in London, a hectic... 1st Edition, Sep 2014. 48 pages.


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  10. Adventures in Famous Places

    Adventures in Famous Places

    Festival in Japan, and the jumbo sized Addo Elephant Park in South Africa! Decorate real-life locations... 1st Edition, Feb 2015. 48 pages. 48 colour pages.



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