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  1. Hiking in <strong>Japan</strong> - Kyushu (Chapter)

    Hiking in Japan - Kyushu (Chapter)

    This is the Kyushu chapter from Lonely Planet's Hiking in Japan guidebook. Kyushu is blessed with outstanding natural beauty. Among its attractions are active volcanoes, some of the country's finest hot... into the bowels of a steaming volcano transport restaurants accommodation relax in some of Japan’s best hot... 2nd Edition, Jul 2009. 27 pages.



  2. Hiking in <strong>Japan</strong> - Nasei-shoto (Chapter)

    Hiking in Japan - Nasei-shoto (Chapter)

    This is the Nansei-Shoto chapter from Lonely Planet's Hiking in Japan guidebook. This appealing region offers two of Japan's least visited and worthiest outdoor destinations - the extraordinary islands... accommodation bush-bash your way across Iriomote-jima, Japan's last remaining pocket of true jungle wilderness... 2nd Edition, Jul 2009. 15 pages.



  3. Hiking in <strong>Japan</strong> - Planning & Environment (Chapter)

    Hiking in Japan - Planning & Environment (Chapter)

    This chapter contains the Route Descriptions, Planning, Environment and History & Culture of Hiking, Majestic Fuji-san and Onsen chapters from Lonely Planet's Hiking in Japan guidebook. Ponder the natural beauty of this mountainous country on hikes that take you beyond the tourist trail. Read about the locals... 2nd Edition, Jul 2009. 36 pages.



  4. Hiking in <strong>Japan</strong> - Shikoku (Chapter)

    Hiking in Japan - Shikoku (Chapter)

    This is the Shikoku chapter from Lonely Planet's Hiking in Japan guidebook. Follow in the footsteps of the great Buddhist saint Kobo Daishi (774-835), who became enlightened in mountainous Shikoku... stumble across that elusive bit of lost Japan. maps set out on the big walk - the 88 Sacred Temples... 2nd Edition, Jul 2009. 20 pages.



  5. Hiking in <strong>Japan</strong> - Tokyo Region (Chapter)

    Hiking in Japan - Tokyo Region (Chapter)

    This is the Tokyo Region chapter from Lonely Planet's Hiking in Japan guidebook. Escape Tokyo's urban sprawl via Japan's efficient transport system and take greedy gulps of crisp, fresh air... ' in the Takao mountains transport restaurants accommodation spend a night in one of Japan's best mountain huts... 2nd Edition, Jul 2009. 47 pages.



  6. Hiking In <strong>Japan</strong> travel guide

    Hiking In Japan travel guide

    Forget Japan's neon reputation. Away from the big cities, Japan is a hiker's wonderland and this guide has recommended routes for every ability level. See sunrise from atop Fuji-san or follow a fabled... with over 15 years’ experience hiking in Japan Includes Japanese script to help you get around Comprehensive... 2nd Edition, Jun 2009. 452 pages. 12 colour pages. 80 maps. Also available in digital formats



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