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  1. Dominican Republic & <strong>Haiti</strong> travel guide

    Dominican Republic & Haiti travel guide

    Haiti is a proud country, born of revolution, and its people are determined to rebuild for a better... . Neighbouring Haiti is a proud country, born of revolution, and its people are determined to rebuild... -earthquake Haiti Comprehensive planning tools and indepth background Easy-to-read layout and at-a-glance practical... 5th Edition, Sep 2011. 376 pages. 32 colour pages. 50 maps. Also available in digital formats


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  2. Caribbean Islands travel guide

    Caribbean Islands travel guide

    With amazing culture, beaches, activities and weather - not to mention the rum - the Caribbean is a joyous riot of islands offering the ultimate escape. Inspiring photo essays feature the mu... 6th Edition, Oct 2011. 912 pages. 128 colour pages. 125 maps. Also available in digital formats


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  3. Tony Wheeler's Dark Lands

    Tony Wheeler's Dark Lands

    Greedy Lords, dubious heroes, wicked relations and innocents in peril – Today’s world sounds like a grim fairytale! Travelling along the infamous ‘Axis of Evil’ led to Tony Wheeler’s Bad Lan... 1st Edition, Jul 2013. 336 pages.


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  4. Caribbean Islands - <strong>Haiti</strong> (Chapter)

    Caribbean Islands - Haiti (Chapter)

    , Jacmel, Les Cayes, Île-à-Vache, Port Salut, Parc National Macaya & Jérémie, Northern Haiti, Cap... Haiti could yet become the Caribbean’s alternative travel destination par excellence. It has palm... present in its vibrant art and music scenes. This is the Haiti chapter from Lonely Planet’s Caribbean... 6th Edition, Sep 2011. 19 pages.


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  5. Dominican Republic & <strong>Haiti</strong> - North & South <strong>Haiti</strong> (Chapter)

    Dominican Republic & Haiti - North & South Haiti (Chapter)

    head South towards the Caribbean Sea. Then, if you’re interested in how Haiti came... revolution, it all happened here. This is the Southern and Northern Haiti chapters from Lonely Planet’s Dominican Republic & Haiti guidebook. Haiti’s south is about taking it easy. Pulling out of Port... 5th Edition, Sep 2011. 23 pages.


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  6. Dominican Republic & <strong>Haiti</strong> - Central Highlands (Chapter)

    Dominican Republic & Haiti - Central Highlands (Chapter)

    Lonely Planet’s Dominican Republic & Haiti guidebook. The cool mountainous playground of the Central... 5th Edition, Sep 2011. 25 pages.


    USD$4.95 SAVE $1.49

  7. Dominican Republic & <strong>Haiti</strong> - <strong>Haiti</strong> Planning (Chapter)

    Dominican Republic & Haiti - Haiti Planning (Chapter)

    Your journey to Haiti starts here. You’ll find the tools to plan your adventure: where to go and when, how much to budget, plus a useful summary of Haiti’s regions. This chapter contains the 25 Top Experiences, Welcome to Haiti, Need to Know, If You Like, Month by Month, Itineraries and Regions at a Glance... 5th Edition, Sep 2011. 14 pages.


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  8. Dominican Republic & <strong>Haiti</strong> - <strong>Haiti</strong> Understand & Survival (Chapter)

    Dominican Republic & Haiti - Haiti Understand & Survival (Chapter)

    contains the Understand Haiti, Haiti Today, History, Haiti Arts, Haitian Landscapes, Vodou, Haiti... Republic & Haiti guidebook. All the info you need on everything from history, the land and vodou to flights... of the history and arts of Haiti a guide to the land and wildlife of Haiti Coverage includes: Understand... 5th Edition, Sep 2011. 47 pages.


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  9. Dominican Republic & <strong>Haiti</strong> - North Coast (Chapter)

    Dominican Republic & Haiti - North Coast (Chapter)

    From east to west on the DR’s north coast, you’ll find worldclass beaches, some of the best water sports in the country and out-of-the-way locales evocative of timeless rural life. This is the North Coast chapter from Lonely Planet’s Dominican Republic & Haiti guidebook. From east to west on the DR... 5th Edition, Sep 2011. 36 pages.


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  10. Dominican Republic & <strong>Haiti</strong> - Península de Samaná (Chapter)

    Dominican Republic & Haiti - Península de Samaná (Chapter)

    Lonely Planet’s Dominican Republic & Haiti guidebook. This small slither of land is the antithesis... 5th Edition, Sep 2011. 22 pages.


    USD$4.95 SAVE $1.49

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