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  1. <strong>Istanbul</strong> - Day Trips from <strong>Istanbul</strong> (PDF Chapter)

    Istanbul - Day Trips from Istanbul (PDF Chapter)

    Want to escape the city? This chapter includes the very best excursions from Istanbul and they can... been İstanbul’s major thoroughfare ever since classical times the stretch of water to the northwest... -class İstanbul. Get here before it gentrifies a favourite day-trip destination for İstanbullus, the Adalar... 9th Edition, Jan 2017. 24 pages.


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  2. <strong>Istanbul</strong> - Kadikoy (PDF Chapter)

    Istanbul - Kadikoy (PDF Chapter)

    Located on the Anatolian (Asian) side of the city, Kadıköy is a short but atmospheric ferry ride from the European shore and offers a very different – and authentically local – experience fo... 9th Edition, Jan 2017. 14 pages.


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  3. <strong>Istanbul</strong> - Plan your trip (PDF Chapter)

    Istanbul - Plan your trip (PDF Chapter)

    This chapter contains the Welcome to İstanbul, İstanbul’s Top 10, What’s New, Need to Know, First Time İstanbul Top Itineraries, If You Like, Month by Month, With Kids, Like a Local, For Free, Eating, Drinking & Nightlife, Entertainment, Shopping, and Hamams & Spas chapters from Lonely Planet’s Istanbul... 9th Edition, Jan 2017. 48 pages.


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  4. <strong>Istanbul</strong> - Sultanahmet & Around (PDF Chapter)

    Istanbul - Sultanahmet & Around (PDF Chapter)

    With so many significant monuments and museums in close proximity, devising an itinerary helps to make the most of your time. You’ll need at least three days (four or five would be better) t... 9th Edition, Jan 2017. 47 pages.


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  5. <strong>Istanbul</strong> - Understand <strong>Istanbul</strong> and Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

    Istanbul - Understand Istanbul and Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

    with a handy language guide and glossary. a rundown on Istanbul today where levels of cultural... on Istanbul’s long, complex and eventful history as İstanbul née Constantinople née Byzantium full coverage... in the streets of this architecturally splendid city details on Istanbul’s literary heritage and cinema0<1/li... 9th Edition, Jan 2017. 44 pages.


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  6. Europe - <strong>Turkey</strong> (PDF Chapter)

    Europe - Turkey (PDF Chapter)

    Turkey’s expansive steppes and craggy mountain slopes are scattered with the remnants of once... creating a fascinating mosaic of culture, history and visceral natural splendour. This is the Turkey chapter from Lonely Planet’s Europe guidebook. Turkey’s expansive steppes and craggy mountain slopes... 1st Edition, Sep 2015. 34 pages.


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  7. Middle East - <strong>Turkey</strong> (PDF Chapter)

    Middle East - Turkey (PDF Chapter)

    Steeped in age-old culture but imbued with a contemporary go-getting pulse, Turkey defies being pinned down and is the perfect introduction to the Middle East. This is the Turkey chapter from Lonely Planet’s Middle East guidebook. Turkey is where Asia and Europe meet and meld together. The ‘bridge... 8th Edition, Aug 2015. 86 pages.


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  8. Europe on a Shoestring - Italy, Greece & <strong>Turkey</strong> (PDF Chapter)

    Europe on a Shoestring - Italy, Greece & Turkey (PDF Chapter)

    , Selçuk, İstanbul, Ankara, Konya, Cappadocia, Turkey Survival Guide.... Visit vineyards in Italy, drink ouzo with locals in Greek villages and experience Turkey... the sprinkles on the gelato. Prepare yourself: the southeast is magnetic. This is the Italy, Greece & Turkey... 9th Edition, Sep 2016. 114 pages.


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  9. Turkish phrasebook

    Turkish phrasebook

    This book gives you the practical phrases you need to get by in Turkish, as well as all the fun, spontaneous phrases that can lead to a better understanding of Turkey and its people. This book gives you... to a better understanding of Turkey and its people. Once you’ve got the hang of how to pronounce Turkish words... 5th Edition, Jul 2014. 260 pages.


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  10. Europe phrasebook

    Europe phrasebook

    Lonely Planet's Europe Phrasebook & Language guide is your handy passport to culturally enriching travels with relevant travel phrases and vocabulary. Organized by language, this pocket-size... 5th Edition, Aug 2015. 456 pages. 456 colour pages. 12 maps. Also available in digital formats



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