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  1. <strong>Japan</strong> - Plan your trip (Chapter)

    Japan - Plan your trip (Chapter)

    Your journey to Japan starts here. You’ll find the tools to plan your adventure: where to go and when, how much to budget, plus in-depth info on the best of Japan's ski resorts. Your journey to Japan... in-depth info on the best of Japan's ski resorts. tailor-made itineraries, arranged by region... 14th Edition, Aug 2015. 64 pages.


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  2. <strong>Japan</strong> - Sapporo & Hokkaido (Chapter)

    Japan - Sapporo & Hokkaido (Chapter)

    from Lonely Planet’s Japan guidebook. Hokkaidō defies the image of Japan as a crowded nation. It’s a different world up here, or at least it feels like it, with 20% of Japan’s land area but only 5% of its... 14th Edition, Aug 2015. 69 pages.


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  3. <strong>Japan</strong> - Shikoku (Chapter)

    Japan - Shikoku (Chapter)

    to the 88 Temple route, Japan’s most famous pilgrimage, even if some henro (pilgrims) today bus it rather than hoof it. This is the Shikoku chapter from Lonely Planet’s Japan guidebook. Shikoku is synonymous with natural beauty and the pursuit of spiritual perfection. It’s home to the 88 Temple route, Japan’s most... 14th Edition, Aug 2015. 43 pages.


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  4. <strong>Japan</strong> - The <strong>Japan</strong> Alps & Central Honshu (Chapter)

    Japan - The Japan Alps & Central Honshu (Chapter)

    Japan’s heartland in both geography and outlook, Central Honshū (‘Honshū Chūbu’) stretches out between the sprawling leviathans of Greater Tokyo and Kansai. The awesome Japan Alps rise sharply near the border of Gifu and Nagano prefectures before rolling north to the dramatic Sea of Japan coast. World... 14th Edition, Aug 2015. 82 pages.


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  5. <strong>Japan</strong> - Tokyo (Chapter)

    Japan - Tokyo (Chapter)

    ’s Japan guidebook. Tokyo is a city forever reaching into the future, resulting in sci-fi streetscapes... 14th Edition, Aug 2015. 83 pages.


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  6. <strong>Japan</strong> - Understand <strong>Japan</strong> & Survival Guide (Chapter)

    Japan - Understand Japan & Survival Guide (Chapter)

    on Japanese architecture, both ancient and modern Coverage includes: Japan Today, History - from Ancient Japan to the Modern Period, Japan Today, The People of Japan: Lifestyle, Religion, Population, Women in Japan, Japanese Cuisine: Eating Etiquette, Shokudō, Izakaya, Yakitori, Sushi & Sashimi, Sukiyaki & Shabu... 14th Edition, Aug 2015. 96 pages.


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  7. Japanese Phrasebook and Audio CD

    Japanese Phrasebook and Audio CD

    Lonely Planet's Japanese Phrasebook & Audio CD is your handy passport to culturally enriching travels with the most relevant and useful Japanese phrases and vocabulary for all your travel ... 3rd Edition, Sep 2015. 272 pages. 272 colour pages.


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  8. Pocket Tokyo

    Pocket Tokyo

    Shop and dine in Shinjuku, catch a sumo tournament, get a bird’s-eye view from the Tokyo Sky Tree and day-trip to majestic Mt Fuji; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart... 5th Edition, Jul 2015. 192 pages. 192 colour pages. 19 maps.


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  9. Lonely Planet Wall Calendar 2017 (North American edition)

    Lonely Planet Wall Calendar 2017 (North American edition)

    from Bagan in Myanmar to the Okavango Delta in Botswana, via Thailand’s tropical islands, Japan... 2017, Jun 2016.


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  10. Kyoto city guide

    Kyoto city guide

    Kyoto is old Japan writ large: quiet temples, sublime gardens, colourful shrines and geisha scurrying to secret liaisons. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Kyoto, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice: inspirational images, city walks, highlights and recommendations... 6th Edition, Jul 2015. 224 pages. 224 colour pages. 23 maps. Also available in digital formats



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