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  1. <strong>India</strong>: Essential Encounters (Hardback pictorial)

    India: Essential Encounters (Hardback pictorial)

    In India: essential encounters, internationally renowned photographer Richard I’Anson presents more than 650 colour photographs, featuring 44 of India’s most captivating destinations, in a stunning... + colour photographs, 44 destinations, 23+ years in the making India is one of the most exotic, diverse... 1st Edition, Aug 2010. 384 colour pages.



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  2. Trekking in the Indian Himalaya - Uttarakhand (Chapter)

    Trekking in the Indian Himalaya - Uttarakhand (Chapter)

    , including India's highest peak, Nanda Devi, and Lord Shiva's divine resting place, Kedarnath. Amazingly... the distinctive twin peaks of Nanda Devi - India's highest mountain - while ascending to the Kuari Pass transport... 5th Edition, Sep 2009. 45 pages.



  3. Indian English Language & Culture

    Indian English Language & Culture

    We worked very hardly to get the fundas right and show you English as it's spoken in India. Bollywood jargon, Hinglish slang, you know you want to talk that talk! 'Indian English' is India's informal and colourful take on the English language, a mash up of American and British English poured over the Indian... 1st Edition, Sep 2008. 256 pages. 7 maps.



  4. <strong>India</strong> phrasebook

    India phrasebook

    Over one billion people speaking in 22 official languages - it'd be easy to mistake your Kashmiri from your Konkani, but not with this little beauty in your backpack. You'll be conversing ef... 1st Edition, Sep 2008. 400 pages. 1 maps.



  5. Asia & <strong>India</strong>: Healthy travel guide

    Asia & India: Healthy travel guide

    Get the most out of your trip to Asia and India without throwing up over the side of a slow boat. This guide is freshly updated by travel health expert Dr Tony Gherardin and provides advice on immunisations, medical kits and what to do if you start to feel queasy. tailored advice for travellers of all ages... 2nd Edition, Jun 2008. 456 colour pages. 5 maps.



  6. Himalaya trekking Bundle

    Himalaya trekking Bundle

    Save 30% when you buy the Bundle! Plan your trekking trip to the Himalaya with three great titles for one great price. Bundle includes the Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya travel guide, Trek...


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  7. Myanmar (Burma) Bundle

    Myanmar (Burma) Bundle

    & India: Healthy Travel Guide. Save 30% when you buy the Bundle! Plan the perfect trip to Burma with three... phrasebook and Asia & India: Healthy Travel Guide. See below for more information on individual titles....


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  8. Philippines Bundle

    Philippines Bundle

    & the Healthy Travel Asia & India guide. Save 30% when you buy the Bundle! Plan the perfect trip... , Filipino (Tagalog) phrasebook & the Healthy Travel Asia & India guide. For more information...


    USD$47.97 SAVE $14.39

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