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  1. China - <strong>Tibet</strong> (Chapter)

    China - Tibet (Chapter)

    This is the Tibet chapter from Lonely Planet’s China guidebook. For many people, the highlights of Tibet will be of a spiritual nature: magnificent monasteries, prayer halls of chanting monks, and remote cliffside retreats. Tibet’s other big draw is the elemental beauty of the highest plateau on earth. rub... 15th Edition, May 2017. 24 pages.



  2. <strong>Tibet</strong> - Tsang (PDF Chapter)

    Tibet - Tsang (PDF Chapter)

    For most travellers, Tsang is either the first or last place they experience in Tibet, and the setting for two of Asia’s great mountain drives: out to far western Tibet and across the Himalayas to Nepal. This is the Tsang chapter from Lonely Planet’s Tibet guidebook. For most travellers, Tsang... 9th Edition, Feb 2015. 38 pages.



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