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  1. Brazil - The <strong>Amazon</strong> (PDF Chapter)

    Brazil - The Amazon (PDF Chapter)

    , Porto Velho, Guajará-Mirim, Guayaramerín (Bolivia), Acre, Rio Branco, Xapuri, Cobija (Bolivia... The Amazon’s quintessential experiences are often more sublime than superlative: canoeing through... monkeys. Forget your Discovery Channel expectations, and the Amazon cannot fail to impress... 10th Edition, May 2016. 90 pages.



  2. South America on a Shoestring - Brazil (PDF Chapter)

    South America on a Shoestring - Brazil (PDF Chapter)

    , Algodoal, Ilha de Marajó, Santarém & around, Manaus, Amazon Jungle, Porto Velho, Guajará-Mirim, Rio Branco... 13th Edition, Sep 2016. 141 pages.



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