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  1. Europe on a Shoestring travel guide

    Europe on a Shoestring travel guide

    , Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia... 8th Edition, Sep 2013. 1264 pages. 64 colour pages. 186 maps. Also available in digital formats





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  2. Volunteer: A Traveller's Guide

    Volunteer: A Traveller's Guide

    - or long-term volunteer experience anywhere in the world - whether it's monitoring sea turtles in Greece... 3rd Edition, Jul 2013. 272 pages.



  3. Western Europe Bundle (Print Only)

    Western Europe Bundle (Print Only)

    Save 30% when you buy the Bundle! Plan the perfect trip to Western Europe with three great titles for one great price. Bundle contains The Western Europe travel guide, Western Europe phras...


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  4. <strong>Greece</strong> - Athens & Around (Chapter)

    Greece - Athens & Around (Chapter)

    Ancient and modern, with equal measures of grunge and grace, bustling Athens is a heady mix of history and edginess. Iconic monuments mingle with first-rate museums, lively cafes and al fresco dining, and it’s downright fun. This is the Athens & Around chapter from Lonely Planet’s Greece guidebook... 11th Edition, Feb 2014. 66 pages.



  5. <strong>Greece</strong> - Central <strong>Greece</strong> (Chapter)

    Greece - Central Greece (Chapter)

    Ancient Greece’s ‘centre’ of the Earth – Delphi – is these days among Greece’s most visited places... ). This is the Central Greece chapter from Lonely Planet’s Greece guidebook. Ancient Greece’s ‘centre’ of the Earth – Delphi – is these days among Greece’s most visited places for the archaeological site, ancient footpaths... 11th Edition, Feb 2014. 48 pages.



  6. <strong>Greece</strong> - Crete (Chapter)

    Greece - Crete (Chapter)

    the Caribbean. This is the Crete chapter from Lonely Planet’s Greece guidebook. Crete is in many respects... 11th Edition, Feb 2014. 51 pages.



  7. <strong>Greece</strong> - Cyclades (Chapter)

    Greece - Cyclades (Chapter)

    Lonely Planet’s Greece guidebook. Ringed with cinnamon sand and ink blue sea, the Cyclades are natural... 11th Edition, Feb 2014. 95 pages.



  8. <strong>Greece</strong> - Dodecanese (Chapter)

    Greece - Dodecanese (Chapter)

    The footprints of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, Italian occupation and medieval knights are all found here, and beyond better-known Rhodes and Kos there are enigmatic islands begging you to explore them. This is the Dodecanese chapter from Lonely Planet’s Greece guidebook. The footprints... 11th Edition, Feb 2014. 73 pages.



  9. <strong>Greece</strong> - Evia & the Sporades (Chapter)

    Greece - Evia & the Sporades (Chapter)

    Planet’s Greece guidebook. Evia and the four Sporades islands remain largely off the beaten island path... -fed bay at Loutra Edipsou, on Evia maps watch for dolphins and falcons while sailing around Greece’s only... 11th Edition, Feb 2014. 26 pages.



  10. <strong>Greece</strong> - Ionian Islands (Chapter)

    Greece - Ionian Islands (Chapter)

    version of Greece. The Ionians offer something for adventure seekers, food lovers, culture vultures and beach bums alike. This is the Ionian Islands chapter from Lonely Planet’s Greece guidebook. The Ionian... trees and beautifully forested mountains, the Ionians are a lighter, greener version of Greece... 11th Edition, Feb 2014. 42 pages.



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