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  1. New <strong>England</strong> - New Hampshire (PDF Chapter)

    New England - New Hampshire (PDF Chapter)

    New Hampshire bleeds jagged mountains, scenic valleys and forest-lined lakes. It all begs you to embrace the outdoors, from kayaking the hidden coves of the Lakes Region to trekking the uppe... 8th Edition, Feb 2017. 42 pages.


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  2. New <strong>England</strong> - Plan your trip (PDF Chapter)

    New England - Plan your trip (PDF Chapter)

    This chapter contains the Welcome to New England, New England’s Top 15, Need to Know, If You Like, Month by Month, Itineraries and Regions at a Glance chapters from Lonely Planet’s New England guidebook. Your journey to New England starts here. You’ll find the tools to plan your adventure: where to go... 8th Edition, Feb 2017. 30 pages.


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  3. New <strong>England</strong> - Rhode Island (PDF Chapter)

    New England - Rhode Island (PDF Chapter)

    Rhode Island, the smallest of the US states, isn’t actually an island. Although it takes only 45 minutes to traverse, this little wonder packs in over 400 miles of coastline. gawp between t... 8th Edition, Feb 2017. 33 pages.


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  4. New <strong>England</strong> travel guide

    New England travel guide

    England, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice. Lonely Planet New England is your... to the heart of New England and begin your journey now! Lonely Planet New England Travel Guide: Color maps... 8th Edition, Feb 2017. 448 pages. 32 colour pages. Also available in digital formats



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  5. New <strong>England</strong> - Understand New <strong>England</strong> and Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

    New England - Understand New England and Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

    of colleges and universities that provide New England with an annual influx of energy and an ever... -dappled lakes and windswept sea coast Coverage includes: New England Today: East Coast Liberals, Cultural... , Cradle of Liberty, Of Sails & Whales, Industrial Revolution, New England Melting Pot, Reform & Racisim... 8th Edition, Feb 2017. 35 pages.


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  6. New <strong>England</strong> - Vermont (PDF Chapter)

    New England - Vermont (PDF Chapter)

    -century lighthouse, a one-room schoolhouse and dozens of other historic New England buildings at Shelburne Museum... 8th Edition, Feb 2017. 46 pages.


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  7. The World's Best Superfoods

    The World's Best Superfoods

    , to Bolivia's quinoa stew and England’s revolutionary pungent-smelling but silky-textured plankton risotto... 1st Edition, Feb 2017. 208 pages. 208 colour pages.


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  8. New <strong>England</strong>'s Best Trips

    New England's Best Trips

    Discover the freedom of open roads with Lonely Planet New England’s Best Trips, your passport to uniquely encountering New England by car. Featuring 32 amazing road trips, plus up-to-date advice... to New England, rent a car, and hit the road! Inside Lonely Planet New England’s Best Trips: Lavish... 3rd Edition, Jan 2017. 352 pages. 352 colour pages. 42 maps. Also available in digital formats



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  9. New <strong>England</strong>'s Best Trips - Connecticut & Rhode Island (PDF Chapter)

    New England's Best Trips - Connecticut & Rhode Island (PDF Chapter)

    With lakes, orchards, vineyards and coastal cliff walks, Connecticut and Rhode Island pack a big punch – even though they’re two of the smallest states in the Union. visit rural and coastal... 3rd Edition, Jan 2017. 56 pages.


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  10. New <strong>England</strong>'s Best Trips - Cross Regional Classic Trips (PDF Chapter)

    New England's Best Trips - Cross Regional Classic Trips (PDF Chapter)

    We’ve chosen three of our all-time favorite trips to show you the best of New England. These are our cross-regional Classic Trips – the ones that lead you to New England’s iconic sights, top activities and unique experiences. follow the southern New England coast for a week of whale... 3rd Edition, Jan 2017. 38 pages.


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