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  1. Accessible Melbourne (PDF)

    Accessible Melbourne (PDF)

    Available in digital format only (no print edition). Download the free PDF HERE Lonely Planet’s new Accessible Melbourne guide is your FREE passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see, with tips and recommendations for travellers with special needs. Discover Melbourne’s best... 1st Edition, Aug 2016. Also available in digital formats



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  2. Accessible Rio city guide (PDF)

    Accessible Rio city guide (PDF)

    . Disabled athletes and visitors will discover where to surf and samba with local disabled people... 1st Edition, Jul 2016. 160 pages. Also available in digital formats



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  3. Adventures Around the Globe

    Adventures Around the Globe

    Enjoys hours of fun games, maps and puzzles. Plus each book in the series has it's very own push-out surprise to make and collect. Come and explore some of the most amazing places across the world! Discover each of the continents with fun facts, maps, sticker scenes and puzzles. Explore the ruins of Machu... 1st Edition, Sep 2015. 60 pages. 60 colour pages.


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  4. Adventures in Noisy Places

    Adventures in Noisy Places

    Enjoy hours of fun games and puzzles, plus each book in the series has its very own fold-out surprise to make and collect. Packed full of activities and over 250 stickers! Bash, bang bong! Come and explore some of the noisiest places in the world. Discover the howling monkeys in South America... 1st Edition, Feb 2015. 48 pages. 48 colour pages.


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  5. Africa - Malawi (PDF Chapter)

    Africa - Malawi (PDF Chapter)

    Malawi by kayak, or head beneath the turquoise surface to discover a world of brilliantly coloured fish... 13th Edition, Oct 2013. 27 pages.


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  6. Africa - Mozambique (PDF Chapter)

    Africa - Mozambique (PDF Chapter)

    , and a fascinating cultural mix. discover enchanting Mozambique Island, with its timewarp atmosphere and cobbled... 13th Edition, Oct 2013. 25 pages.


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  7. Africa - Sudan (PDF Chapter)

    Africa - Sudan (PDF Chapter)

    , and travel here is eye-opening and rewarding. discover Begrawiya, where Sudan’s best-preserved pyramids... 13th Edition, Oct 2013. 21 pages.


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  8. Africa - Zimbabwe (PDF Chapter)

    Africa - Zimbabwe (PDF Chapter)

    This is the Zimbabwe chapter from Lonely Planet’s Africa guidebook. After a decade of political ruin, violence and economic disaster, tourism is back in Zimbabwe. Visitors are returning to spot the Big Five around spectacular parks, discover World Heritage-listed archaeological sites and be awed... 13th Edition, Oct 2013. 26 pages.


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  9. Amalfi Coast Road Trips

    Amalfi Coast Road Trips

    Discover the freedom of open roads with Lonely Planet Amalfi Coast Road Trips, your passport to uniquely encountering the Amalfi Coast by car. Featuring four amazing road trips, plus up‐to‐date advice on the destinations you’ll visit along the way, you can explore the fabulously picturesque coastline, all with your... 1st Edition, May 2016. 136 pages. 136 colour pages. Also available in digital formats



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  10. Amalfi Coast Road Trips - Amalfi Coast Trip (PDF Chapter)

    Amalfi Coast Road Trips - Amalfi Coast Trip (PDF Chapter)

    route with inspirational images and key trip highlights discover Amalfi’s sun-filled piazzas... your boots and tackle the Sentiero degli Dei (Walk of the Gods) discover even more with detours... 1st Edition, May 2016. 10 pages.


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