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5 results for "dera nawab sahib dera nawab^2 or Pakistan"

  1. Tony Wheeler's Dark Lands

    Tony Wheeler's Dark Lands

    Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad in Pakistan. Join Tony and find out if there’s a happily... 1st Edition, Jul 2013. 336 pages.


    USD$15.99 SAVE $4.80

  2. India - Uttar Pradesh & the Taj Mahal (Chapter)

    India - Uttar Pradesh & the Taj Mahal (Chapter)

    This is the Uttar Pradesh & the Taj Mahal chapter from Lonely Planet’s India guidebook. Agra’s Taj Mahal rises from the beaten earth. Other lasting impressions include the ghats in Varanasi and ancient stupas in Kushinagar. A groundswell of Mughal and Nawab architectural and gastronomic highpoints... 15th Edition, Sep 2013. 59 pages.


    USD$4.95 SAVE $1.49

  3. Japan - Kansai (Chapter)

    Japan - Kansai (Chapter)

    & accommodation Coverage includes: Osaka, Kobe, Himeji, Shiga Prefecture, Otsu, Ishiyama-dera, Miho Museum... 13th Edition, Aug 2013. 75 pages.


    USD$4.95 SAVE $1.49

  4. Kyoto - Kitayama & Greater Kyoto (Chapter)

    Kyoto - Kitayama & Greater Kyoto (Chapter)

    -ji. ascend to the mountain temple of Kurama-dera, then continue down to the village of Kibune maps... 5th Edition, Jan 2012. 39 pages.


    USD$4.95 SAVE $1.49

  5. Kyoto - Southern Higashiyama (Chapter)

    Kyoto - Southern Higashiyama (Chapter)

    's most colourful temples: Kiyomizu-dera, where the throngs of visitors add to the energy... 5th Edition, Jan 2012. 22 pages.


    USD$4.95 SAVE $1.49

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