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  1. <strong>The Netherlands</strong> travel guide

    The Netherlands travel guide

    on cycling in The Netherlands Coverage Includes: Planning chapters, Amsterdam, Haarlem, North Holland, Utrecht, Rotterdam, South Holland, Friesland, Northeast Netherlands, Central Netherlands, Maastricht, Southeastern Netherlands, Understand and Survival chapters.... 5th Edition, Apr 2013. 328 pages. 64 colour pages. 53 maps. Also available in digital formats



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  2. <strong>The Netherlands</strong> - Maastricht & Southeastern <strong>Netherlands</strong> (Chapter)

    The Netherlands - Maastricht & Southeastern Netherlands (Chapter)

    of lively Den Bosch restaurants & accommodation Coverage includes: Maastricht, North Limburg, Noord Brabandt, Den Bosch (‘s-Hertogenbosch), Eindhoven, Efteling, Breda, West Noord Brabant... The Dutch southeast belies most clichés about the Netherlands: tulips, windmills and dykes... 5th Edition, Apr 2013. 15 pages.


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  3. Dutch phrasebook

    Dutch phrasebook

    When it comes to Dutch, you can safely put aside those negative stereotypes about ‘double Dutch’. The reality is that Dutch and English are closely related, both being members of the Germani... 2nd Edition, Aug 2013. 256 pages.


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  4. Discover Europe travel guide

    Discover Europe travel guide

    and meadows Coverage includes: Planning chapters, Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands... 3rd Edition, Nov 2013. 848 pages.


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  5. Europe travel guide

    Europe travel guide

    , Moldova, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scandinavia, Serbia, Slovakia... 1st Edition, Sep 2015. 1248 pages. 64 colour pages. 200 maps. Also available in digital formats



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  6. Western Europe travel guide

    Western Europe travel guide

    , France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Lichtenstein... 12th Edition, Sep 2015. 704 pages. 64 colour pages. 95 maps. Also available in digital formats



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  7. Pocket Berlin

    Pocket Berlin

    and get around like a local 100% independent advice Coverage includes: Reichstag & Unter den Linden... 4th Edition, Jan 2015. 192 pages. 192 colour pages. 25 maps.


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  8. Pocket Singapore - 3rd edition

    Pocket Singapore - 3rd edition

    , the Quays, Marina Bay, Orchard Road, Chinatown, CBD, Tanjong Pagar, Litlle india, Kampong, Sentosa, holland... 3rd Edition, Oct 2012. 192 pages. 18 maps.


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  9. Pocket Singapore - 4th edition

    Pocket Singapore - 4th edition

    india, Kampong, Sentosa, holland Village, tanglin Village, Southwest Singapore, the Best of Singapore... 4th edition, Jan 2015. 192 pages. 192 colour pages. 14 maps.


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  10. <strong>The Netherlands</strong> - Rotterdam & South <strong>Holland</strong> (Chapter)

    The Netherlands - Rotterdam & South Holland (Chapter)

    Think Holland and you're thinking of the region southwest of Amsterdam where tulips, cheese... with the Netherlands when they're not thinking of tulips and windmills. Cycling in this flat, mostly sub-sea-level region is unparalleled. This is the Rotterdam & South Holland chapter from Lonely Planet... 5th Edition, Apr 2013. 47 pages.


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