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  1. <strong>Ukraine</strong> - <strong>Crimea</strong> (PDF Chapter)

    Ukraine - Crimea (PDF Chapter)

    It might be attached to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, but in every other respect Crimea is an island, with its climate and inhabitants markedly different from the rest of Ukraine. This is the Crimea chapter from Lonely Planet's Ukraine guidebook. It might be attached to the mainland by a narrow isthmus... 4th Edition, Apr 2014. 38 pages.


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  2. <strong>Ukraine</strong> travel guide

    Ukraine travel guide

    in Ukraine since this book was sent to the printer (the Euromaidan protests and the annexation of Crimea), we... , Kyiv, Central Ukraine, Lviv, Western Ukraine, The Carpathians, Odesa, Southern Ukraine, Crimea, Eastern... Big, diverse and largely undiscovered, Ukraine is one of Europe’s last genuine travel frontiers... 4th Edition, Apr 2014. 288 pages. 96 colour pages. 47 maps. Also available in digital formats



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