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  1. <strong>Crete</strong> travel guide

    Crete travel guide

    Crete is a patchwork of splendid beaches, ancient treasures and landscapes. Crete is a patchwork of splendid beaches, ancient treasures and landscapes, weaving in vibrant cities and sleepy villages, where locals will share with you their traditions, cuisine and generous spirit. This Lonely Planet guide... 5th Edition, Feb 2012. 288 pages. 64 colour pages. 33 maps. Also available in digital formats



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  2. <strong>Greece</strong> - <strong>Crete</strong> (Chapter)

    Greece - Crete (Chapter)

    the Caribbean. This is the Crete chapter from Lonely Planet’s Greece guidebook. Crete is in many respects... Crete is in many respects the culmination of the Greek experience. A dramatic quilt of big... restaurants & accommodation Coverage includes: Central Crete, Iraklio, Around Iraklio, Zaros, Matala... 11th Edition, Feb 2014. 51 pages.


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  3. <strong>Greece</strong> travel guide

    Greece travel guide

    gems that will make your trip unique plus comprehensive full-colour guides to food and natural Greece Coverage includes: Planning chapters, Athens, Peloponnese, Central Greece, Northern Greece, Saronic Gulf Islands, Cyclades, Crete, Dodecanese, Northeastern Aegean Islands, Evia, the Sporades, Ionian Islands... 11th Edition, Feb 2014. 768 pages. Also available in digital formats



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  4. <strong>Greece</strong> Bundle (Print only)

    Greece Bundle (Print only)

    Save 30% when you buy the Bundle! Plan the perfect trip to the Greece with three great titles for one great price. Bundle includes the Greece travel guide, Crete travel guide and Greek phrasebook... great price. Bundle includes the Greece travel guide, Crete travel guide and Greek phrasebook. For more...


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  5. <strong>Crete</strong> - Hania (Chapter)

    Crete - Hania (Chapter)

    ’s Crete guidebook. The west of Crete stands apart in so many ways. Full of big mountains, grandiose... & accommodation get back to nature up in the mountains at Crete’s prime ecospot, the traditional... 5th Edition, Feb 2012. 64 pages.


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  6. <strong>Crete</strong> - Iraklio (Chapter)

    Crete - Iraklio (Chapter)

    This is the Iraklio chapter from Lonely Planet’s Crete guidebook. Iraklio is Crete’s most dynamic region, home to almost half the island’s population and its top-rated tourist site. On the quieter southern coast the laid-back life in charming villages unfolds much the way it has since time immemorial... 5th Edition, Feb 2012. 63 pages.


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  7. <strong>Crete</strong> - Lasithi (Chapter)

    Crete - Lasithi (Chapter)

    This is the Lasithi chapter from Lonely Planet’s Crete guidebook. Looking for a charming resort town? None better than Lasithi’s Agios Nikolaos. Ancient sites and culture? There are Minoan... the Church of Panagia Kera for the finest wall paintings in Crete transport discover the chequered history... 5th Edition, Feb 2012. 77 pages.


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  8. <strong>Crete</strong> - Planning (Chapter)

    Crete - Planning (Chapter)

    This chapter contains the 12 Top Experiences, Welcome to Crete, Need to Know, If You Like, Month... at a Glance chapters from Lonely Planet’s Crete guidebook. Your journey to Crete starts here. You’ll find... -friendly country overview ensures you won't miss a thing Coverage includes: 12 Top Experiences, Welcome to Crete... 5th Edition, Feb 2012. 38 pages.


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  9. <strong>Crete</strong> - Rethymno (Chapter)

    Crete - Rethymno (Chapter)

    This is the Rethymno chapter from Lonely Planet’s Crete guidebook. Rethymno is a fascinating quilt of bubbly resorts, centuries-old villages and energising towns. There’s astounding geographical diversity just minutes from the hustle and bustle of the region’s eponymous capital on the north coast. explore... 5th Edition, Feb 2012. 65 pages.


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  10. <strong>Crete</strong> - Understand & Survival (Chapter)

    Crete - Understand & Survival (Chapter)

    transport, climate, money, the internet...you name it. This chapter contains the Understand Crete, Crete... Lonely Planet’s Crete guidebook. All the info you need on everything from history, culture and wildlife... Crete, Crete Today, History - from Myth & the Minoans to the Challenges Ahead, Cretan People: Lifestyle... 5th Edition, Feb 2012. 70 pages.


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