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  1. Panama - Veraguas <strong>Province</strong> (Chapter)

    Panama - Veraguas Province (Chapter)

    This is the Veraguas Province chapter from Lonely Planet’s Panama guidebook. There’s much more to Veraguas Province than endless coastline. Unesco World Heritage Site Isla Coiba draws divers, birdwatchers and paradise seekers, while hikes to waterfalls and swimming holes around the highland village of Santa Fé... 7th Edition, Sep 2016. 18 pages.


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  2. South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland - North West <strong>Province</strong> (Chapter)

    South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland - North West Province (Chapter)

    This is the North West Province chapter from Lonely Planet’s South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland guidebook. Many visitors come here for Sun City, Africa’s Las Vegas, but you may prefer a different kind of gambling in nearby Pilanesberg National Park. Wager that lions and rhinos will wander to the waterhole you... 10th Edition, Oct 2015. 12 pages.


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  3. Hill Tribes phrasebook

    Hill Tribes phrasebook

    Whether you're trekking Vietnam, China, Laos, Thailand or beyond, let this handy phrasebook do some talking. Covers Lahu, Akha, Lisu, Mong, Mien and more. Leave no Hill Tribe subgroup or culture unimpressed by a dash of your multi-lingual bon mots. Whether you're trekking Vietnam, China, Laos, Thailand or beyond... 3rd Edition, Jun 2008. 176 pages. 1 maps.


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  4. Southeast Asia phrasebook

    Southeast Asia phrasebook

    Southeast Asia... many faces, many places, many ways to get tongue-tied. From Hue to Vientiene, from Phuket to Phnom Penh, turn your travel challenges into unforgettable experiences. Orde... 3rd Edition, Aug 2013. 256 pages. Also available in digital formats



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  5. Andalucia - Almeria <strong>Province</strong> (Chapter)

    Andalucia - Almeria Province (Chapter)

    With perfect weather (3000 hours of sunshine a year), Almería has all terrains covered: stunning coastlines (beaches and volcanic), Sorbas caves to explore, stark desert in Tabernas plus the... 8th Edition, Dec 2015. 24 pages.


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  6. Andalucia - Cadiz <strong>Province</strong> & Gibraltar (Chapter)

    Andalucia - Cadiz Province & Gibraltar (Chapter)

    Here you’ll find thrillingly sited white towns, craggy mountains, endless olive trees, a stunning white-sand coastline dotted with surfer-cool villages, flamenco in its purest incarnation, t... 8th Edition, Dec 2015. 48 pages.


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  7. Andalucia - Cordoba <strong>Province</strong> (Chapter)

    Andalucia - Cordoba Province (Chapter)

    Province, Baena, Parque Natural Sierras Subbéticas, Western Córdoba Province, Almodóvar del Río and Parque... 8th Edition, Dec 2015. 24 pages.


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  8. Andalucia - Granada <strong>Province</strong> (Chapter)

    Andalucia - Granada Province (Chapter)

    Here is a city of contrast, with bohemian bars beside teahouses, and stately homes with backstreets splattered with street art. Further afield, find high peaks for skiing in Sierra Nevada an... 8th Edition, Dec 2015. 39 pages.


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  9. Andalucia - Jaen <strong>Province</strong> (Chapter)

    Andalucia - Jaen Province (Chapter)

    This relatively little-visited province is a magical combination of culture, nature, history and good food. There are endless lines of pale-green olive trees in Jaén, and beyond the towns and olive groves, Jaén has wonderful mountain country. indulge the senses with the inspired architecture and food... 8th Edition, Dec 2015. 27 pages.


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  10. Andalucia - Malaga <strong>Province</strong> (Chapter)

    Andalucia - Malaga Province (Chapter)

    in Málaga maps follow the polka dots to the Feria de Málaga, the province’s top annual fiesta transport... 8th Edition, Dec 2015. 39 pages.


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