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  1. <strong>Great Britain</strong> - Plan your trip (Chapter)

    Great Britain - Plan your trip (Chapter)

    Your journey to Great Britain starts here. You’ll find the tools to plan your adventure: where... and the happening places in Britain. Your journey to Great Britain starts here. You’ll find the tools to plan your... : Welcome to Great Britain, Great Britain’s Top 26, Need to Know, First Time Great Britain What’s New... 11th Edition, Mar 2015. 53 pages.


    USD$4.95 SAVE $2.23

  2. <strong>Great Britain</strong> - Snowdonia & North Wales (Chapter)

    Great Britain - Snowdonia & North Wales (Chapter)

    Lonely Planet’s Great Britain guidebook. Rugged mountain trails, historic train lines, World Heritage... 11th Edition, Mar 2015. 41 pages.


    USD$4.95 SAVE $2.23

  3. <strong>Great Britain</strong> - The Lake District & Cumbria (Chapter)

    Great Britain - The Lake District & Cumbria (Chapter)

    Planet’s Great Britain guidebook. For knockout natural splendour, nowhere in England can compare... 11th Edition, Mar 2015. 36 pages.


    USD$4.95 SAVE $2.23

  4. <strong>Great Britain</strong> - Understand <strong>Great Britain</strong> & Survival Guide (Chapter)

    Great Britain - Understand Great Britain & Survival Guide (Chapter)

    landscapes across Britain, from sandy beaches to high mountains Coverage includes: Great Britain Today... 11th Edition, Mar 2015. 67 pages.


    USD$4.95 SAVE $2.23

  5. <strong>Great Britain</strong> - Yorkshire (Chapter)

    Great Britain - Yorkshire (Chapter)

    What makes Yorkshire so special? First, there’s the landscape – with its brooding moors and green dales rolling down to a dramatic coastline, Yorkshire has some of Britain’s finest scenery. This is the Yorkshire chapter from Lonely Planet’s Great Britain guidebook. What makes Yorkshire so special? First... 11th Edition, Mar 2015. 56 pages.


    USD$4.95 SAVE $2.23

  6. Discover Europe

    Discover Europe

    Lonely Planet Discover Europe is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Wander the corridors of Versailles, gaz... 4th Edition, Nov 2015. 800 pages. 800 colour pages. 103 maps.


    USD$29.99 SAVE $13.50

  7. Discover London

    Discover London

    Lonely Planet Discover London is your passport to the London’s top sights and most authentic experiences. Soak up Shoreditch’s edgy and offbeat atmosphere in a local bar, explore the world-... 4th Edition, Aug 2016. 258 pages. 258 colour pages.


    USD$21.99 SAVE $9.90

  8. Europe travel guide

    Europe travel guide

    There simply is no way to tour Europe and not be awestruck by its scenic beauty, epic history and dazzling artistic and culinary diversity. We are releasing our first edition of the Europe ... 1st Edition, Sep 2015. 1248 pages. 64 colour pages. 200 maps. Also available in digital formats



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    USD$29.99 SAVE $18.45

  9. Western Europe travel guide

    Western Europe travel guide

    Western Europe’s intricate tapestry of countries and cultures is woven together by rich history; artistic, architectural and culinary treasures; enduring traditions and cutting-edge trends... 12th Edition, Sep 2015. 704 pages. 64 colour pages. 95 maps. Also available in digital formats



    USD$27.99 SAVE $12.60



    USD$27.99 SAVE $17.22

  10. Pocket Edinburgh

    Pocket Edinburgh

    Edinburgh is one of Britain’s most beautiful cities, ‘a dream in masonry and living rock’ perched upon ancient crags, with the medieval maze of the Old Town gazing across verdant gardens t... 3rd Edition, Dec 2013. 176 pages.


    USD$13.99 SAVE $6.30

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