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57 results for "bavaria^2 or Germany"

  1. German Phrasebook

    German Phrasebook

    Get More From Your Trip with Easy-to-Find Phrases for Every Travel Situation! Lonely Planet Phrasebooks have been connecting travellers and locals for over a quarter of a century - our phra... 6th Edition, Feb 2015. 256 pages. 1 maps.


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  2. Make My Day: Berlin

    Make My Day: Berlin

    Lonely Planet's Make My Day Berlin is a unique guide that allows you to effortlessly plan your perfect day. Flip through the sections and mix and match your itinerary for morning, after... 1st Edition, Aug 2015. 40 pages. 40 colour pages.


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  3. Fast Talk German

    Fast Talk German

    It is possible to travel in Germany without speaking a word of German, but just a few phrases go a long way in making friends, inviting service with a smile, and ensuring a rich and rewarding travel... to buy lastminute tickets to the opera. It is possible to travel in Germany without speaking a word... 2nd Edition, Apr 2013. 96 pages.


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  4. Berlin - Day Trips from Berlin (Chapter)

    Berlin - Day Trips from Berlin (Chapter)

    at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, what's left of one of Germany's oldest Nazi-built concentration camps... 9th Edition, Jan 2015. 30 pages.


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  5. Berlin - Historic Mitte (Chapter)

    Berlin - Historic Mitte (Chapter)

    confront the horrors of Nazi Germany at the haunting Topographie des Terrors transport catch cabaret... 9th Edition, Jan 2015. 34 pages.


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  6. Berlin - Museumsinsel & Alexanderplatz (Chapter)

    Berlin - Museumsinsel & Alexanderplatz (Chapter)

    the knock-out views from the top of the Fernsehturm, Germany's tallest structure. restaurants & bars... 9th Edition, Jan 2015. 36 pages.


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  7. Europe - <strong>Germany</strong> (Chapter)

    Europe - Germany (Chapter)

    & accommodation Coverage includes: Berlin, Central Germany, Dresden, Leipzig, Weimar, Erfurt, Bavaria, Munich... Prepare for a roller coaster of feasts, treats and temptations as you take in Germany’s soul... with half-timbered buildings. This is the Germany chapter from Lonely Planet’s Europe guidebook. Prepare... 1st Edition, Sep 2015. 76 pages.


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  8. Europe on a Shoestring - <strong>Germany</strong> & Benelux (Chapter)

    Europe on a Shoestring - Germany & Benelux (Chapter)

    Masters and traditional cafes, beer halls and pubs. This is the Germany & Benelux chapter from Lonely... , BMWs, Alpine excursions and more restaurants & accommodation Coverage includes: Germany, Berlin... Rhine, Trier, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Bremen, Germany Survival Guide, Belgium, Brussels, Leuven... 9th Edition, Sep 2016. 86 pages.



  9. Europe on a Shoestring - <strong>Germany</strong> (Chapter)

    Europe on a Shoestring - Germany (Chapter)

    decide? The beauty of Germany is that rather than choosing, you can revel in the contrasts. This is the Germany chapter from Lonely Planet's Europe on a Shoestring guidebook.Beer or wine? Berlin or Munich? Castle or club? Ski or hike? East or west? BMW or Mercedes? Why decide? The beauty of Germany... 8th Edition, Sep 2013. 78 pages.


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  10. <strong>Germany</strong> - Around Berlin (Chapter)

    Germany - Around Berlin (Chapter)

    This is the Around Berlin chapter from Lonely Planet’s Germany guidebook. An area shaped by remote hamlets, lakes, canals and waterways, large swathes of it are protected as biosphere preserves and nature parks, creating a delightful escape from the urban hustle for Berliners and visitors alike. Culture... 8th Edition, Feb 2016. 16 pages.


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