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  1. <strong>Israel</strong> & the Palestinian Territories - <strong>Tel</strong> <strong>Aviv</strong>-Jaffa (Yafo) (PDF Chapter)

    Israel & the Palestinian Territories - Tel Aviv-Jaffa (Yafo) (PDF Chapter)

    and to the fullest. This is the Tel Aviv-Jaffa (Yafo) chapter from Lonely Planet’s Israel guide-book. Israel’s second... , Entertainment, Shopping, Around Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Netanya, and Ramla.... -lovers and scenesters on the golden sands of Tel Aviv’s world-famous beaches maps investigating the bohemian bars... 8th Edition, Jun 2015. 43 pages.


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  2. Middle East - <strong>Israel</strong> & the Palestinian Territories (PDF Chapter)

    Middle East - Israel & the Palestinian Territories (PDF Chapter)

    and watch the bods at the beaches of Tel Aviv-Jaffa (Yafo) restaurants & accommodation Coverage includes: Jerusalem, Mediterranean Coast, Tel Aviv-Jaffa (Yafo), Caesarea, Haifa, Akko (Acre), Lower Galilee & Sea... , Bethlehem & around, Nablus, Jenin, The Gaza Strip, Understand Israel & the Palestinian Territories, Israel... 8th Edition, Aug 2015. 81 pages.


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