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  1. <strong>Antarctica</strong> travel guide

    Antarctica travel guide

    , rock. Antarctica is simply stunning. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Antarctica, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice. Lonely Planet Antarctica is your passport... to the heart of Antarctica and begin your journey now! Inside Lonely Planet Antarctica Travel Guide: Colour... 6th Edition, Nov 2017. 224 pages. 224 colour pages. 57 maps. Also available in digital formats





  2. <strong>Antarctica</strong> - Antarctic Peninsula (PDF Chapter)

    Antarctica - Antarctic Peninsula (PDF Chapter)

    The beautiful Antarctic Peninsula extends a welcoming arm north toward South America’s Tierra del Fuego as if beckoning visitors. This, the warmest part of the continent, is Antarctica’s major breeding ground for seabirds, seals and penguins. photograph eye-popping scenery and ice at Paradise Harbor... 6th Edition, Nov 2017. 18 pages.



  3. <strong>Antarctica</strong> - East <strong>Antarctica</strong> & the South Pole (PDF Chapter)

    Antarctica - East Antarctica & the South Pole (PDF Chapter)

    Severe and spectacular, East Antarctica is the land of the polar plateau and the continent... & accommodation Coverage includes: East Antarctica, Neumayer III Station, SANAE IV, Troll Station, Schirmacher Hills, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Station, Syowa Station, Dome Fuji, Mo-lodezhnaya Station, Mawson... 6th Edition, Nov 2017. 38 pages.



  4. <strong>Antarctica</strong> - Plan your trip (PDF Chapter)

    Antarctica - Plan your trip (PDF Chapter)

    This chapter contains the Welcome to Antarctica, Antarctica’s Top 15, Need to Know, If You Like…, Itineraries, Planning Your Adventure, and Regions at a Glance chapters from Lonely Planet’s Antarctica guidebook. Your journey to Antarctica starts here. You’ll find the tools to plan your adventure: where to go... 6th Edition, Nov 2017. 30 pages.



  5. <strong>Antarctica</strong> - Ross Sea (PDF Chapter)

    Antarctica - Ross Sea (PDF Chapter)

    The explorers of the Heroic Age, who sailed the Ross Sea region’s ice-choked waters, gained a crucial foothold here for exploration of the interior. Around the Ross Sea, Antarctica’s richest historic heritage is on full display. feel the chill of the ghosts of the polar party who never returned at Scott... 6th Edition, Nov 2017. 18 pages.



  6. <strong>Antarctica</strong> - Southern Ocean (PDF Chapter)

    Antarctica - Southern Ocean (PDF Chapter)

    The wild waters of the Southern Ocean surround Antarctica and isolate it geographically, bi-ologically and climatically from the rest of the world. Scattered around these waters are the is-lands that early explorers and sealers encountered before they found Terra Australis Incogni-ta. brave the surging swells to reach... 6th Edition, Nov 2017. 41 pages.



  7. <strong>Antarctica</strong> - Understand <strong>Antarctica</strong> and Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

    Antarctica - Understand Antarctica and Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

    This chapter contains the Antarctica Today, History, Environment, Wildlife, Antarctic Science, Directory A–Z, Transportation, and Behind the Scenes chapters from Lonely Planet’s Antarctica guidebook. All... with a handy language guide and glossary. a rundown on Antarctica’s astounding variety of unique wildlife info... 6th Edition, Nov 2017. 69 pages.



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