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  1. <strong>Mongolia</strong> travel guide

    Mongolia travel guide

    of Chinggis Khaan, rough-and-ready Mongolia remains one of the world's last great adventure destinations. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Mongolia, with amazing travel experiences and the best... Mongolia, Central Mongolia, Eastern Mongolia, Western Mongolia, The Gobi, Understand and Survival chapters.... 7th Edition, Jun 2014. 304 pages. 32 colour pages. 44 maps. Also available in digital formats



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  2. <strong>Mongolia</strong> - Northern <strong>Mongolia</strong> (PDF Chapter)

    Mongolia - Northern Mongolia (PDF Chapter)

    of Amarbayasgalant Khiid, the architectural highlight of the country restaurants & accommodation Coverage includes: Selenge, Sükhbaatar, Altanbulag, Dulaankhaan, Darkhan, Amarbayasgalant Khiid, Bulgan, Erdenet, Bulgan City... , you could confuse this lush and rugged land with Switzerland. This is the Northern Mongolia chapter... 7th Edition, Jun 2014. 31 pages.


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  3. Mongolian Phrasebook

    Mongolian Phrasebook

    Up to 4 million people visit Mongolia annually and many of them are looking quizzically at menus or asking really loudly where the toilet is. But with this phrasebook you needn't be one... Mongolia annually and many of them are looking quizzically at menus or asking really loudly where... 3rd Edition, Feb 2014. 212 pages.


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  4. China travel guide

    China travel guide

    , Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tibet and more... 15th Edition, May 2017. 1056 pages. 864 colour pages. Also available in digital formats



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  5. A Moveable Feast

    A Moveable Feast

    Life-changing food adventures around the world. From bat on the island of Fais to chicken on a Russian train to barbecue in the American heartland, from mutton in Mongolia to couscous in Morocco to tacos in Tijuana - on the road, food nourishes us not only physically, but intellectually, emotionally... 2nd Edition, Oct 2016. 320 pages.


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  6. Epic Bike Rides of the World

    Epic Bike Rides of the World

    , for the world's great bike races, to the wilds of Mongolia and Patagonia. ... 1st Edition, Jul 2016. 320 pages. Also available in digital formats



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  7. <strong>Mongolia</strong> - The Gobi (PDF Chapter)

    Mongolia - The Gobi (PDF Chapter)

    Lonely Planet's Mongolia guidebook. The Gobi is a bleak place; vast, harsh and silent... , Baga Gazryn Chuluu, Süm Khökh Burd, Erdenedalai, Ongiin Khiid, Ikh Gazryn Chuluu, Dornogov, Sainshand... , Bayankhongor, Bayankhongor City, Bayangovi, Amarbuyant Khiid, Ekhiin Gol, Gov-Altai, Altai, Great Gobi Strictly... 7th Edition, Jun 2014. 27 pages.


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  8. <strong>Mongolia</strong> - Ulaanbaatar (PDF Chapter)

    Mongolia - Ulaanbaatar (PDF Chapter)

    Planet's Mongolia guidebook. If Mongolia's yin is its pristine countryside, then Ulaanbaatar conforms... circuit around Gandan Khiid, the country's largest monastery maps wonder at the eccentric collection... 7th Edition, Jun 2014. 42 pages.


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  9. <strong>Mongolia</strong> - Eastern <strong>Mongolia</strong> (PDF Chapter)

    Mongolia - Eastern Mongolia (PDF Chapter)

    This is the Eastern Mongolia chapter from Lonely Planet's Mongolia guidebook. In eastern Mongolia you'll encounter a boundless blue sky colliding with an equally limitless sea of green. The occasional... & accommodation Coverage includes: Khentii, Chinggis Khot (Öndörkhaan), Khökh Nuur, Baldan Baraivun Khiid... 7th Edition, Jun 2014. 19 pages.


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  10. China - Inner <strong>Mongolia</strong> (Chapter)

    China - Inner Mongolia (Chapter)

    This is the Inner Mongolia chapter from Lonely Planet’s China guidebook. Travellers heading north of the Great Wall might half expect to see Mongol hordes galloping through the vast grasslands. The reality is rather different: 21st-century Inner Mongolia is a wholly different place from Mongolia itself. saddle... 15th Edition, May 2017. 16 pages.


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