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  1. West Coast USA Bundle

    West Coast USA Bundle

    Save 30% when you buy the Bundle! Plan the perfect West Coast USA trip with three great titles for one great price. Bundle includes the California Trips Guide, Washington, Oregon & Pacific Northwest... & Pacific Northwest Travel Guide and Yosemite, Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks guide. For more...


    USD$69.97 SAVE $20.99

  2. USA travel guide

    USA travel guide

    , Southwest, California, Pacific Northwest, Alaska, Hawaii, Understand and Survival chapters.... 8th Edition, Feb 2014. 1224 pages. 192 colour pages. 94 maps. Also available in digital formats


    USD$29.99 SAVE $9.00

  3. Discover USA travel guide

    Discover USA travel guide

    , New Orleans, The South, Florida, The Grand Canyon, The Southwest, The Pacific Northwest, California... 2nd Edition, Apr 2014. 512 pages. 512 colour pages. 63 maps.


    USD$28.99 SAVE $8.70

  4. South <strong>Pacific</strong> travel guide

    South Pacific travel guide

    The South Pacific isn't just a homogenous spread of palm trees and warm ocean - escape your resort and you'll find cultures and experiences as rich as coconut cream. The South Pacific isn't just... in the Pacific Inspirational photos Clear, easy-to-use maps Comprehensive planning tools Which Island? feature... 5th Edition, Sep 2012. 616 pages. 96 colour pages. 117 maps. Also available in digital formats


    USD$28.99 SAVE $8.70

  5. Colombia travel guide

    Colombia travel guide

    Andres, Providencia, Medellin, Zona Cafetera, Cali, Southwest Colombia, Pacific Coast, Amazon Basin... 6th Edition, Jul 2012. 344 pages. 32 colour pages. 71 maps. Also available in digital formats


    USD$26.99 SAVE $8.10

  6. Mexico travel guide

    Mexico travel guide

    , Oaxaca, Central Pacific Coast, Western Central Highlands, Northern Central Highlands, Baja California... 13th Edition, Aug 2012. 904 pages. 64 colour pages. 116 maps. Also available in digital formats


    USD$26.99 SAVE $8.10

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  7. Costa Rica travel guide

    Costa Rica travel guide

    , Central Pacific Coast, Southern Costa Rica, Península de Osa, Golfo Duce, Carribean Coast, Northern... 10th Edition, Sep 2012. 560 pages. 51 maps. Also available in digital formats


    USD$24.99 SAVE $7.50

  8. Discover Costa Rica

    Discover Costa Rica

    , Peninsula de Nicoya, Central Pacific Coast, Southern Costa Rica, Caribbean Coast, In Focus and Survival... 2nd Edition, Nov 2012. 384 pages.


    USD$24.99 SAVE $7.50

  9. Discover Peru travel guide

    Discover Peru travel guide

    Luminous archaeological sites? Check. Lush rainforest? Check. An arid coast lapped by a highly surfable Pacific swell? Check. Peru, it seems, has it all. Savor Lima’s outstanding cuisine Fly over the mysterious Nazca Lines Walk on a fl oating island made of reeds Explore the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu... 2nd Edition, May 2013. 368 pages. 50 maps.


    USD$24.99 SAVE $7.50

  10. Guatemala travel guide

    Guatemala travel guide

    , The Pacific Slope, Central Guatemala, Eastern Guatemala, El Petén, Understand and Survival chapters.... 5th Edition, Aug 2013. 328 pages. 96 colour pages. 46 maps. Also available in digital formats


    USD$24.99 SAVE $7.50

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