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  1. USA - Pacific Northwest (Chapter)

    USA - Pacific Northwest (Chapter)

    trees older than Europe’s Renaissance castles in Washington’s Olympic National Park restaurants... 9th Edition, Feb 2016. 60 pages.


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  2. Crete - Hania (Chapter)

    Crete - Hania (Chapter)

    This is the Hania chapter from Lonely Planet’s Crete guidebook. Once Greece’s jewel of a capital, Hania is now filled with arty hotels, interesting shops and some of Greece’s best eateries. The region also boasts the grandest gorge in Europe and beaches that are among the most beautiful in the world... 6th Edition, Jan 2016. 50 pages.


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  3. Germany, Austria & Switzerland's Best Trips

    Germany, Austria & Switzerland's Best Trips

    , all with your trusted travel companion. Get to Europe, rent a car, and hit the road! Inside Lonely... 1st Edition, Jan 2016. 416 pages. 416 colour pages. 125 maps. Also available in digital formats



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  4. Germany, Austria & Switzerland's Best Trips - Southern Germany (Chapter)

    Germany, Austria & Switzerland's Best Trips - Southern Germany (Chapter)

    get around easily with colour maps and route directions in easy stages drive around one of Europe... 1st Edition, Jan 2016. 84 pages.


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  5. Italy - Naples & Campania (Chapter)

    Italy - Naples & Campania (Chapter)

    This is the Naples & Campania chapter from Lonely Planet’s Italy guidebook. Strewn with temples, castles and palaces, Campania includes some of Europe’s most fabled destinations, from haunting Pompeii and Herculaneum to celebrity-studded Capri and Positano. Naples is asprawl with operatic palazzi (mansions... 12th Edition, Jan 2016. 64 pages.


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  6. Italy - Rome & Lazio (Chapter)

    Italy - Rome & Lazio (Chapter)

    This is the Rome & Lazio chapter from Lonely Planet’s Italy guidebook. Rome’s cityscape, filled with ruins and iconic monuments, is achingly beautiful, and its museums and basilicas showcase some of Europe’s most celebrated masterpieces. The surrounding Lazio region boasts natural beauty and culture with sandy... 12th Edition, Jan 2016. 99 pages.


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  7. Italy - Sicily (Chapter)

    Italy - Sicily (Chapter)

    -goers at elegant Teatro Massimo in Palermo maps climb Europe’s most active volcano in the afternoon, and return... 12th Edition, Jan 2016. 66 pages.


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  8. Italy - Umbria & Le Marche (Chapter)

    Italy - Umbria & Le Marche (Chapter)

    of Monti Sibillini transport spelunk your way through a forest of stalactites at Grotte di Frasassi, Europe... 12th Edition, Jan 2016. 57 pages.


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  9. Malta & Gozo - Central Malta (Chapter)

    Malta & Gozo - Central Malta (Chapter)

    This is the Central Malta chapter from Lonely Planet’s Malta & Gozo guidebook. Explore the hilltop, atmospheric, ancient- walled capital with stupendous views over the hills and out to sea; visit medieval frescoes in ancient catacombs; marvel at one of Europe’s largest church domes and spend your nights at some... 6th Edition, Jan 2016. 27 pages.


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  10. Pocket Krakow

    Pocket Krakow

    Lonely Planet Pocket Krakow is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Explore the magical medieval castle on Wa... 2nd Edition, Jan 2016. 160 pages. 160 colour pages. 16 maps.


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