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Europe phrasebook

4th Edition Sep 2009


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More powerful than a fistful of euros, reaching further than a Eurailpass, this phrasebook is more entertaining than Eurovision! From the Mediterranean to Scandinavia, Turkey to Sweden, this is your ticket to 15 languages, a whole continent of culture, and the ultimate European adventure. This is the definitive European phrasebook.

This phrasebook covers: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish Swedish and Turkish.

  • 15 languages with mini-dictionaries
  • Handy pronunciation guide throughout
  • Easy coloured-tab navigation
  • Useful phrases

Book details

ISBN: 9781741799736

Authors: Ronelle Alexander, Lonely Planet Publications, Grant Taylor, James Jenkin, Christina Mayer, Robert Landon, Emma Koch, Arzu Kürklü, Marta López, Karina Coates, Pietro Iagnocco, Susie Walker, Anabela de Azevedo Teixeira Sobrinho, Anamaria Beligan, Dana Lovinesku, Thanasis Spilias, Gordana Ivetac, Michael Janes, Richard Nebeský, Gunter Muehl, Piotr Czajkowski

Dimensions: 93mm x 140mm

Next edition due: Sep 2019

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